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flight before settling down in los angeles. yesterday morning thousands gathered by the bridge. i was over there, it was fantastic. the crowd enjoyed two fly byes at the golden gate. the second one had the subtle going right between the bridge's towers. wow! >> honestly, i was a bit emotional. i was tiered up a little a litt. it surprised me. >> the flight of a little more than a thousand miles will be among endeavour's most memorable, which is saying a lot since the shuttle traveled 100 million miles through space. let's take a live look at the endeavour right now in los angeles. the los angeles international airport. it received a big welcome home yesterday and that's going to be the home, los angeles. the shuttle will be kept there for several weeks before it begins a twelve mile ground trek to the california space center. that's going to be interesting. and once it gets to the space center it will become a permanent museum exhibit. our viewers took some great pictures of the flyover. check this out. john griffin had this shot of the subtle passing over his neighborhood. it loo
last night had to from a little patience, and they did. >>> in los angeles right now drivers are being told to stay off the road had. this is a live picture of the san diego freeway where a ten mile stretch of freeway linking west los angeles and the san fernando valley is shut down. it's one of the world's busiest freeways. demolition crews are tearing down a bridge. they have until monday morning to clear away the debris and build a new one. the contractor faces huge penalties if the work isn't done in time for monday morning's commute. we will keep an eye on it and let you know how the job is pro grossing. >>> a family is remembering a young student, struck by an s.u.v. as she road her bike home from school. she was 12-year-old and moved with her family from new mexico last month. hundreds of people mourned her loss last night. we have more. >> novato showed its grief and support for the rat live family friday night at the high school in novato. about 300 came to join in a vigil and a moment of high sense for the 12-year-old. a tearful mom was hugged by friends and family. angela sp
to get the upper hand last night. this is in los angeles east of interstate 405 in the hills above a pass near the getty center art museum. two aircraft known at super scooper dropped water on the planes last night. the fire broke out about 3:30 yesterday afternoon and moved up hill toward a cul-de-sac in bellaire. no homes have been damaged. the fire has charred about 70 acres so far and is 40% contained. >>> we are learning more about the man under arrest in connection with the death of a 29-year-old woman whose body was found in san benito county last week. 69-year-old laura jones ever monterey is in custody down in southern california. he's a professor of the graduate school in monterey. the victim's ex-husband, she was still living with him. her body was left in a wooded hear in san benito county. officers executed a search warrant and determined she had been killed at her home before her body was transported. >>> a gritty oakland neighborhood plagued by cross statutes is celebrating the closing of two motels link today the sex trade. neighbors in the area are forming a new partnersh
, if you you are traveling this weekend, in los angeles they are expecting major problems, hoping not, 405 will be closed from 101 getty center for the demolition of the mulholland bridge. westbound 80505 vacaville still have an accident blocking lane three. >>> traffic could be gridlocked downtown san francisco this evening the 20th anniversary of the critical mass ride. cyclists are expected to jam the streets starting 6:00. katie marzullo is live at justin herman plaza with a preview. >> reporter: this is where it begins, as far as where it goes and how many will participate is anyone's guess. 20th san verse of -- critical mass when bicyclists come together and ride in a huge group on city streets the last friday of every month. the first year 20 years ago 50 bicyclists took part now it is hundreds sometimes thousands. participants say they do it to make a point with divers to share the road. not everybody sees the message. it can make for a frustrating commute for drivers. then those looking at the bigger picture of how cyclists interact with the city one man told us he didn't like the
giants dedicated their game against the los angeles dodgers last night to highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom. the team held a moment of silence to honor his service and sacrifice. officer youngstrom was killed in a shootout tuesday in alamo. the gunman was shot to death by another officer. vic lee road with the chp along that same stretch of road. >> the outpouring of sadness and support from the public just keeps growing. here at the chp field officer where officer kenyon youngstrom works. >> i think it underscores in their mind, wow, these individuals are human beings just like me, they are connected to family, they are connected to friends. >> the officer has been with the chp some 30 years. it's not the first time he's heard the radio call, an 11-99," officer down. every time the same reaction. >> your mind starts racing. sometimes your heart sinks. >> and when that officer dies -- >> each one, a piece of you goes with that individual. there's never a time where you say i'm over that. you just learn how to manage it. sometimes there are thoughts of anger, sometimes there are t
last night. a's fared better against the angels in los angeles. moss and pennington, homered the a's win 3-1. they've won 10 straight games on the road tying the third longest streak in oakland history. a's are leading the american league wild card race they meet the angels again tonight. >>> raiders are going through a makeover since al davis passed away, new gm, new head coach against the chargers, same performance. raiders were driving first possession to ingram knocks the ball lose, look at this hit -- ball loose, look at this hit, bang! ball pops loose long night from there --. line back hasn't long snapped since high school -- >> we gotta eliminate the self-inflicted wounds that has hurt news the preseason and obviously hurt us tonight we have to find way to get those things eliminated. >> raiders will try to get back on track against the dolphins. >>> harrowing encounter with wildlife at yellowstone national park. a group of young vacationers never thought they would see this. caught on video posted on youtube this group gets dangerously close to a bison. more shocking the a
hand! >> the tense situation in los angeles as police chase a murderer suspect. >>> popular supplement researchers now say may not be the lifesaver that many think. >>> welcome back. look at the warmth inland 90 fairfield, antioch, 80s rest of the east bay valleys north bay and south bay mid 70s to near 80 bay mid to upper 60s coast into san francisco more sunshine than yesterday. flooding and thunderstorms subsiding in the southern parts of our state. going to get warmer palm springs 100, central valley mid to upper 90s, tahoe 75 today, clouds big sur and 68. >>> 5:48. huge turnout in lafayette last night to celebrate the life of brett olson, a college student who drowned in the sacramento river after he went missing for a week. 1,000 turned out at acalanes high to remember olson. his father expressed his astonishment at the way his community mobilized to try to find brett. he disappear during a labor day gathering. within the first four hours of posting it on facebook, 17,000 people joined the effort. eventually it ballooned to more than 92,000. >> the world will not miss brett. we w
of an actor who dominated daytime drama for two decades he died sunday if cancer in los angeles. he made his final appearance as edward quarter main in an episode that -- edward quarter man an episode last week. he was 84-years-old. >>> next, the giants lower the magic number to -- >> a's plans for new stadium may be in jeopardy. the decision they say they need from major league baseball now. >>> flying tomato in hot water. why olympic star shaun white has day in court. >> if you followed at amanda knox case you won't want to miss today's show. her ex-boyfriend, young italian man who found himself caught in the middle of the high profile mur mystery joins me to tell his sigh of the story. what happened that night in italy? that's toda "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> welcome back. looking being out from the roof cam -- looking out from the roof cam, beautiful morning nice shot overcast this morning little chilly, kristen doesn't like the shot
destination the science center in exposition park near los angeles. i'm going to let us watch this moment, live as it happens, defer defer leaving ellington field in houston, texas. >> sometimes they have to stop to refuel going across country 747 is a lien that can make a cross country -- is a plane that can make a cross country run easily. look at all that traffic. >> that's what we may see in the bay area tomorrow. we'll be following that close for you around 8:30, 9:00 when it is going to happen that is the peak of the morning commute. the other question in the bay area as we continue to watch this the weather. will we be able to see our fly by? hopefully we'll get clearer conditions for tomorrow. >> let's check in with mike. >>> i think we'll be able to see, a few low clouds, but i think we'll be able to see it. i'm looking and feeling a little more optimistic than yesterday about us being able to see it. there will be clouds around, but won't be like that real thick marine layer that we've been used to the rest of this week. the best chance will be in the south bay in the east bay v
, behind places like new york, new orleans, los angeles and miami. >> 18 million tour efforts visited san francisco last year. and the pace continues this year. they come for the beauty, but sometimes see the beast. "travel and leisure magazine" ranked san francisco was one of america's dirtiest cities, 11 out of 35 surveyed. it comes from an online poll of some 50,000 readers, not at all scientific and not at all accurate according to most tourists retalk to. >> i grew up in new york so my threshold nor dirt is way up here. i see san francisco and i think i can literally eat off this sidewalk compared to new york. >> he's right, new york is number one or the dirty list. but back to san francisco. >> it's beautiful. i would not say it's a dirty city. it's not the dirtiest city. >> she's write. baltimore ranks third but san francisco deserves to be on the list too, according to some tourists, like this family from australia. >> yeah, it has been a little grimy and dirty. my son got spit on. >> the counter points in the not so pristine conditions. the magazine gave san francisco high marks
long that loop is, 90s throughout the central valley, 101 palm springs, 75 san diego, 80 los angeles. tomorrow in tahoe a chance of isolated thunderstorm, 76 near 80 well above average saturday and sunday, around yosemite, a chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow 90, low to mid 90s saturday and sunday. >>> on to the race for the white house. president obama and mitt romney will be campaigning in the same state again today, virginia. the president is launching a new ad in seven battleground states today, promote ago economic plan he says will create a million manufacturing jobs and cut oil imports. he's leading in the polls in ohio where he once again linked mitt romney to his comment as that 47% of americans see themselves as victims who depend on government. >> the president: as i travel around ohio and look out on this crowd, i don't see a lot of victims. i see hard workers that's what i see. >> mitt romney is trailing in florida and iowa and was asked about the poll numbers. >> i'm very pleased with some, less so with others polls go up and down. >> romney trying to retool his message
angeles and then leaves for burma tomorrow. >>> authorities in los angeles say work is on schedule to reopen a ten-mile stretch of one of the world's busiest freeways in time for tomorrow morning's commute. this is a live look at interstate 405 over the pass connecting west l. a. to the san fernando valley. the freeway has been shut down since friday night while crews demolish an overpass. it's being called carmageddon 2 because of the potential to create a traffic nightmare throughout l.a. if work doesn't get finished in time. last year was carmageddon 1 and this time they say so far so good. here's a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> we had some fog yesterday. today we are still looking at warmer conditions. here's a look outside from the roof camera. temperatures in the lower 50s, fog at the coast. still clear around the bay. you get a glimpse of that full moon, almost full. we are talking about still upper 90s inland and warm temperatures to start the week. your forecast is next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the amazing a's do it again. another walk-off victory in dram
a stray thunderstorm, otherwise 86 in los angeles, 70s returning to the bay, back home notice nice out there today 65 in the city, sea breeze in the afternoon, breezy later on, 72 in oakland, mid 80s concord, 90 livermore, monterey bay fog pulls back, 76 in concord, 85 hollister. headed to the giants' game tonight around 60, clear conditions dropping through the 50s by 10:00. subtle changes in the days ahead but a nice outlook. >>> good morning. sue hall checking your friday morning commute. live shot southbound 680 through walnut creek out of pleasant hill towards 24 everything is at the limit continuing through the san ramon valley no reports of problems to the 580-680 interchange this is highway 24 westbound towards the caldecott tunnel through and into orinda. traffic beginning to pick up, it is moving at the limit. little breeze out there moving our camera around. southbound 101 through marin county northern marin looking good out of novato into ignacio, terra linda past civic center, central san rafael, southern marin roadwork in the northbound direction has been picked up and yo
since he disappeared sunday they plan to go out again in morning. >>> a los angeles bank manage okay this morning after a terrifying and bizarre heist. two masked robbers abducted her from her home and held her overnight in the morning they strapped what they said was a bomb to her stomach and demanded she go to her east l.a. branch to take money and place it outside for the robbers to retrieve. she did that and the two escaped with the cash. a bomb squad removed the bomb from her waist and rendered it safe. police say the robbers escaped in a two-door kia. "good morning america" will have the latest on this story. >>> i'm sure i've seen movies with plots just like that >> yeah. >> maybe they got one from a movie, who knows. next, say good-bye to 99 cent wing promotions. bloomberg business report is next. >>> curiousy gets a report card. >>> getting your -- getting esap >>> best chance of thunderstorms in the high country today. >>> the newest mars rover will be checking up this morning amidst a so-called brain transplant nasa holding a news conference at 10 to discuss the progress o
bruno explosion. >>> wildfire burning east of los angeles forcing evacuations this morning of campers and residents. the 4100 acre williams fire burning in the angeles national forest above glen dora. people at a -- mobile home park were evacuated 30 chose to stay. crews are mapping out long term strategy. they hope to have it fully contained by next money >> youtube video shows a fire burning in mendocino county 41,000 acres 10 times bigger than that southern california fire. firefighters think it will take another week to fully contain the north pacifier lightning sparked that blaze august 18th. the fire is 60% contained with 1300 firefighters still on the frontlines. >>> democratic national convention gets underway in north carolina today. delegates will get down to business and vote to adopt a platform that reflects president obama's argument his work is unfinished. >> the platform includes a call for higher taxes on wealthier americans while backing same-sex marriage and abortion rights. the first lady will close out the evening with a primetime speech. >>> john burton will be at
. uc davis and students who were pepper sprayed have reached -- [ inaudible ] >> work use in los angeles have been angering residents by chopping down hundreds of trees to make way for the space shuttle. four hundred mature ficus, pine and other trees that line the streets of l.a. are being removed so the enormous shuttle can be moved from the airport through inglewood to the california science center. endeavour will headache that trip next month the science center says it will plant 800 trees to make up for the loss. some residents say no amount of saplings can make up for the shade and beauty of the lost mature trees. >>> victory for american airlines. >>> warning about three wanted women. how police say they are ripping off innocent victims. >>> a shrub named after san francisco gets help from the federal government. >>> silent heart attacks. millions of people get them and don't know it. what you need to know if you have had one and how to prevent it again. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving.
following the day off. last night the los angeles dodgers continued their recent struggles losing at home to the st. louis cardinals. with the loss the giants magic number shrunk to 12. they now lead the dodgers by 7 1/2 games with 19 to go. >> eric: something that did make the record books. the world's tallest dog. he is tall as kitchen counter of them recognized this great dane as the world's tallest dog. he stands 44 inches dog. standing on his hind legs he is seven feet tall. he weighs 155 pounds and eats a 30 pound bag of dog food every two weeks. north koreans had to trade in their minivan and bought a truck. that a big dog. >> kristen: it's been a busy morning for firefighters in the east bay. live at the scene of a fire that came close to burning a business. why investigators are calling the blaze very suspicious. >> eric: plus, a fallen hero. a touching tribute to highway patrol officer kenyon youngstrom. >> big changes in the way leaders will deal with protests. >> a look at high temperatures. mid 50s. up to san francisco, low to mid 70s around the bayshore and 80 necessary a's
was not allowed on a plane. it happened a week ago today. the teen was denied to board a new york to los angeles flight. the air lean claims the boy was agitated and running around the gate area. the dad said american still hasn't contacted the family. >> first of all, to the american airline response, they are such chickens. they can pick up the phone and call me. they could e-mail me. but i haven't heard from them directly. so all i know is what people tell me they said. >>> well, american airlines says the family should expect to hear from them soon, but that their actions were in compliance with the air carrier access act. legal experts say it's going to be pretty tough to prove american refused to let the boy fly because of his condition because airlines have the legal right to decide who boards their planes. >>> 7 on your side's michael finney has heard just about every complaint possible about gift cards, but here's one each he has never heard before. it's the case of the mystery gift card. >>> doug williams bought his friend a gift card for the movies. here it is. a little beat up. but t
in los angeles tonight after sweeping the mariners in seattle over the weekend. >> 49ers and fans are relishing the team's victory in green bay at lambeau field which may be one of the best wins on opening day in team history. the victory was their first at lambeau since november of 1990, 9ers scored first on that pass from smith to moss. the first half capped off by record tying 63 yard field goal, hit the cross bar and went through, gore ran for 112 yards, 9ers old off for a victory. >> the fight for 62 minutes was there, i thought we played our best game with our minds that we've ever played. >> the 9ers are hoping to build on their win when they host the lions next sunday. >>> raiders monday night football seem to go together they open tonight against the chargers. key to the offensive success is mcfadden. he led the league last year in rushing for the first sick games before injuring his foot and missing the rest of the season. quarterback palmer is looking forward to playing with mcfadden. >>> the petaluma national little league team is sleeping with sweet dreams after chowi
in california this morning. he is set to address national convention of u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce in los angeles. he will speak about sacrifices hispanics have made in helping build the nation and economy. he's expected to accuse the obama administration of squandering those sacrifices. hispanics are a key voting bloc in the election. >> president obama's attention will be on china today. set to announce new trade inment against beijing during a trip to ohio. white house targeting chinese automobile and auto part subsidies. people in ohio blame china for hurting the state's auto industry ohio is a battleground state. >>> governor brown says he's willing to live on the cheap if votes -- if voters turn down prop 30. he recently ate a two-day old tuna sandwich to prove his point. he told the paper he's not replacing things in his office. prop 30 will temporarily raise state sales tax and increase income tax on the wealthy. >>> strong typhoon has left tens of thousands of homes in southwestern japan without power and now it is moving to korea. winds of 96 miles per hour. the storm crossed ov
. endeavour's final destination is california science center in los angeles. first, friday morning the shuttle will leave edwards and make a pass over the state capitol in sacramento, it will leave others green with envy that's why we showed that you shot. it will pass over hayward 8:30 a.m. back up over the east bay over oakland, richmond and sausalito before circling over the golden gate bridge then low level fly over of nasa ames research center. >> fly officials will be at 1500 feet or lower so you get a good picture. >> as long as clouds don't get in our way. let's see if we can get answers let's hope the marine layer is higher than that fly-over so we can see that looks like a lot of clouds around friday morning. good morning this wednesday morning cloud cover-up north in the form of fog half mile visibility santa rosa, 3/4 visibility at novato and napa most dangerous areas this morning for driving. here's a look at foggy conditions north bay through 7:00 most of us seeing mainly cloudy conditions with 50s for the most part, a few 40s here and there. noon bright everywhere even out to th
center, -- monterey bay aquarium down south before the shuttle heads back to los angeles where it will retire at the california science center. people will be arriving during rush hour that should make rush hour even more miserable than usual, again they are expecting 8 to 10,000 people. there are no more car passes here at moffett field. you can still come, you need to bring id, and you are being advised to use the ellis gate to see the event. we are shooting for 9:30 to 10:00 this morning when endeavour comes flying by on a final flight as it heads to southern california. john alston, abc7 news. >>> thinking about vista point, other side of golden gate bridge, marin headlands, there's 8,000 places to go. >> publish your favorite spots. we want viewers to tell us where they plan to watch. in the meantime john was saying the weather looks good now they've postponed it by an hour. >> let's confirm. >> i have kids who want to play hooky, this is a big deal. the weather is cooperating very little in the way of low clouds and fog to start. in the sacramento valley, clear skies at 8
lifted for parts of nevada and california, but still pretty hot down here with 91 in los angeles. 101 in fresno. not much of a breeze getting through the delta so back in the 90s here. 93 sacramento. mid-80s reno. closer to home you will notice today still above 7 to in oakland. a nice afternoon for you for the game. 64 in san francisco with the fog not too far offshore. it will continue to bring the westerly winds throughout the day today. you head inland, the tri-valley, upper 80s today. another nice afternoon. up he were 70s for the santa clara valley with 74 watsonville. 88 in gilroy with some partial afternoon clearing from santa cruz to monterey. so the accuweather seven-day forecast may be a degree or two cooler around the bay today, but really you will notice that probably into next week with the numbers drop into the mid-60s. low 70s around the ba, and not too much of a recovery by the end of the week. so we are kind of locked into this pattern here. if you like it, that's good. >> admit it, it's a little boring for you, right? day after day, a little stagnate? >> a little bi
hitt has highlights from the theater in los angeles. >> reporter: the 64th annual emmy awards was a star-studded night filled with excitement and a few surprises. jon cryer couldn't believe he won. another big night for modern family. >> modern family. >> reporter: not only did it win best comedy, julie bowen and eric won their second emmys. >> i never knew i would be on tv as a gay man but i love the pictures of hairy chests you guys are sending me >> reporter: jimmy kimmel provided plenty laughs. >> don't think the president should be watching "homeland" for the same reason i don't think charlie sheen should watch breaking bad. >> reporter: in the world of drama, breaking bad hall won best supporting actor. it was homeland's night when it came to leading drama roles. lewis and danes. >> i'm so grateful, thank you. >> reporter: many of hollywood's silver screen stars were nominated in television mini series or movies. >> thank you. >> reporter: the end of the evening the bake ment many had been waiting for -- best drama. >> homeland. [ applause ] >> quite a show that. was bra
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